Welcome to the Choice Neighborhoods Wilmington NC  to revitalize the Southside Area of Wilmington, North Carolina!

SHARP is a Choice Neighborhoods Initiative (CNI) Project funded through HUD, the Department of Housing & Urban Development, and a long-term effort to revitalize the SouthSide / Dry Pond area of Wilmington, NC. (see maps)

Find more about CNI on our Choice Neighborhoods page.


  The building of a more vibrant, safe, attractive, family-friendly community where residents feel connected and have access to the goods and services necessary for living, working, and playing.

Figuring out how to accomplish this will take a lot of collaboration from the City of Wilmington, neighborhood residents, local businesses, and community organizations.  The Wilmington Housing Authority (WHA) is a particularly strong partner since it owns a large property in the neighborhood, called Hillcrest.  Hillcrest is old, very distressed, and needs a lot of attention.

WHA recently received a grant from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to help plan the revitalization of Hillcrest and  the surrounding neighborhood.  The grant will pay for urban planners, architects, and other professionals to help guide the community through this process.  More to come on what the grant is, how the HUD program works, and how you can get involved!  Stay tuned.

Residents, See the Resources/Partners Section for links to the partners involved in the SHARP-Wilmington planning process and useful resources for neighborhood residents.


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  1. I need help. I am living in a HUD apartment in Fayetteville, N.C..I am on SSDisability and a very small retirement check which will end in 5 years. My rent is 1/2 of my SSD. I am struggling each month. I was told that they could . I was told they could raise my rent twice a month. I do not have a criminal record, always pay my rent on time. Clean around my building and other areas. I take pride in where I live. My apartment is always clean. I clean my carpet before each quarterly inspection. I have not failed any inspection. I need a hand up. With my medical condition the stress of wondering if my rent will raise it reflects on my health. Can you help me find a clean, safe place to live.
    Thank you,

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